Marco Morresi

A professional businessman, son of Dante Morresi, founder and first president of the association, he has been active in the development cooperation field since 2011. He held the position of president of the association from 2013, the year of its reactivation, until September 2018. He currently acts as Secretary General.


Mathias Kombatè

Professionally physiotherapist, active since 2011 in the field of development cooperation in which in 2017 obtains a specific title of Certificate of Advanced Studies. Since September 2018 he officially assumes the role of president of the association.


Giuseppina Porro Kombatè

Retired nurse, since 1979 thanks to her marriage with Jean Lalli Kombatè, she comes into contact with the reality of Togo. Over the years she has supported the initiatives and projects developed by her husband until, following his premature departure, in 2013 she decided to move permanently to Lomè. To date he assumes the role of head of the South Commission.


Djore Torouka Mayipo Gaston

Sociologist, expert connoisseur of local customs and traditions since 2011 collaborates in the implementation of specific projects. Since 2013 he officially assumes the role of Secretary of the Southern Commission.


Committee Members


Marco Morresi, Mathias Kombatè, Davide Belometti, Lucas Kombatè, Jolanda Mazzei


Giuseppina Porro Kombatè, Djore Torouka Mayipo Gaston, Nadjir Palamangue