The Humanitarian Association "if ..." aims to improve the living conditions of the poorest social strata of African populations, especially women and children, for human, sustainable and participatory development. To pursue its goal, the association promotes initiatives of all kinds aimed at raising funds to be allocated to the promotion and activation of forms of development cooperation, health and humanitarian support.

Togo is one of the small West African countries and has an area of 56,600 km² for a population of about 7.3 million.

With an average annual per capita income of about 1500 USD that falls below 350 USD in the Savannah region, the most northern one, it is on the list of the least developed and poorest countries on the planet.

The Humanitarian Association 'if ..' which collaborates with the local NGO DassiFem has been active since 2011 with development cooperation projects in the main areas of education, health, gender, access to water and agriculture.


The association

Mathias Kombatè


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Mathias Kombatè

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Marco Morresi, Mathias Kombatè, Giuseppina Porro Kombatè, Djore Torouka Mayipo Gaston



Marco Morresi, Mathias Kombatè, Davide Belometti, Lucas Kombatè, Christian Sgarbi


Giuseppina Porro Kombatè, Djore Torouka Mayipo Gaston, Nadjir Palamangue

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Membri FOSIT da giugno 2018




The "If ..." Humanitarian Association was founded in 2007 by a group of friends who shared the same ideal of helping developing countries. The founders: Dante Morresi, Giorgio Nembrini, Gianni Padlina and Elena Soldati had the goal of "transforming the 'if' of the past, full of regrets, things not done, errors and lightness in constructive 'if' that open horizons of possibilities, projects and commitment. Make sure that the conditional becomes present ". The areas of intervention in which the association decided to move were water, women and disability. The activities were carried out until mid-2008 and saw the realization of some projects, including the one concerning the improvement of accessibility to drinking water in the Rufiji district in Tanzania, in March 2008, in partnership with the local Red Cross. The death of Dante Morresi, founding member and propulsive spirit of the association, unfortunately put an end to every praiseworthy intention.



In 2011, from the meeting of Marco Morresi (son of Dante Morresi) with Mathias and Giuseppina Kombatè was born the "new" Association "If ..." of development aid. The Kombatè Lords are from Togo, a nation in which our Association has decided to operate. Thanks to them it was possible to establish a partnership with the association D.A.S.S.I.F.E.M. (Développement par des Actions Sociales et de Solidarité Intercommunautaire en faveur de la Femme et de l'Enfance Malheureuses). This association is made up of Togolese volunteers who act on the territory with the aim of improving the living conditions of women and children.